Retirement And Downsizing

As you get closer to retirement, we need to think of our future home as a living expense rather than an investment. Once you retire, you’re liable to only buy one house. Although you might think about buying a property with more room for your loved ones, you might not spend as much time thinking … Continued

Should I Sell Or Repair My Water Damaged Home?

We have seen up close how destructive water damage can be, especially for people impacted by recent storms. For those homeowners, it is worthwhile to think about how the water damage will impact their property’s marketability. It is troublesome when you don’t have the ability or time to get completely ready for flooding, whether derived … Continued

If I Have Been Transferred Out of State, How Should I Sell My House?

You’ve been presented with a fantastic opportunity – a well-deserved promotion at work. There’s one catch, though: you’ll need to relocate. You have a small window of time and must quickly get settled. This can be an issue if you’re an existing homeowner. Will your home be listed on the open market with the intent of … Continued

Paying for Assisted Living with Your Parent’s Property

As we age, most of us require help in finishing daily tasks; as such, most people seek out facilities for assisted living when faced with retirement. Residences for assisted living are places where older individuals can get care and attention to complete their daily duties. With assisted living, your parents will get help with taking … Continued

If My House Needs Repairs, Will Anyone Purchase It?

In theory, your property could be purchased by anybody, even if it warrants repair. Sellers aren’t obligated to restore their houses to the conditions they bought it in. Actually, “fixer uppers” are often bought. You’ve likely noticed realtor claims in ads like: Sold as is – contractor’s special! Ideal for new homeowners – an elegant … Continued

Will I Need to Pay Taxes if I Sell My Inherited Property?

Although an inheritance can be considered a prize, Uncle Sam can’t be left out of the equation. No one likes paying taxes, but they must be taken into account anytime a financial decision is made. That said, you won’t need to pay the kind of taxes you currently do for the home you currently live in. … Continued

Selling Your Home To An Investor: The Pros And Cons

  When people need to vacate their homes immediately, they look for an investor to sell their properties. If this sounds like you, these are our suggestions to help guide you. Consider these pros and cons if you’re considering selling to an investor. The home can be sold “as-is.” If you live in Texas and … Continued

7 Issues You’ll Come Up Against As A New Landlord

Most people imagine that being a landlord is a road to riches that requires little-to-no work…that is until buy or inherit their first property property and make the decision to rent out. The fact of the matter is that most landlords end up losing money on such endeavors. It’s undeniably, not for everyone Being aware … Continued