Should I Sell Or Repair My Water Damaged Home?

We have seen up close how destructive water damage can be, especially for people impacted by recent storms. For those homeowners, it is worthwhile to think about how the water damage will impact their property’s marketability. It is troublesome when you don’t have the ability or time to get completely ready for flooding, whether derived … Continued

Will I Need to Pay Taxes if I Sell My Inherited Property?

Although an inheritance can be considered a prize, Uncle Sam can’t be left out of the equation. No one likes paying taxes, but they must be taken into account anytime a financial decision is made. That said, you won’t need to pay the kind of taxes you currently do for the home you currently live in. … Continued

Selling Your Home To An Investor: The Pros And Cons

  When people need to vacate their homes immediately, they look for an investor to sell their properties. If this sounds like you, these are our suggestions to help guide you. Consider these pros and cons if you’re considering selling to an investor. The home can be sold “as-is.” If you live in Texas and … Continued

7 Issues You’ll Come Up Against As A New Landlord

Most people imagine that being a landlord is a road to riches that requires little-to-no work…that is until buy or inherit their first property property and make the decision to rent out. The fact of the matter is that most landlords end up losing money on such endeavors. It’s undeniably, not for everyone Being aware … Continued

Selling Your Home In a Down Market? Read This First

So you’ve done painstakingly detailed  research on the real estate market, and you see that home sale transactions are progressing slowly. However, when you need to sell, the quicker this can be dealt with, the better. Thankfully, properties move in various market types, and there are tactics you can use to have yours moved in … Continued

5 Misconceptions Selling Your Home the Conventional Way

Many people mistakenly believe they understand the process of selling a home. At first, it seems straightforward – simply list it on MLS, place an ad in the local paper, and wait for potential buyers to drop by. The reality is that selling a home can be much more stressful and complex. Money can be … Continued

The True Price Of Selling Your Home

Finally decided to put your home on the market? You can already see the money pouring into your bank account from the sale. With the price of homes rising around the country, chances are that your home has appreciated over the years. Plus you’re selling your home at a time commonly referred to as “a … Continued

The Long Goodbye: Effects Of Divorce On Real Property

On an idyllic, windswept beach, the minister says the magic words, “man and wife”.  The couple embraces as family and friends cheer.  Two years later, they purchase their dream home.  She fusses with paint chips and swatches.  He putters around making minor repairs on the weekends.  Both feel invested in the property.  Eight years after … Continued