Paying for Assisted Living with Your Parent’s Property

As we age, most of us require help in finishing daily tasks; as such, most people seek out facilities for assisted living when faced with retirement. Residences for assisted living are places where older individuals can get care and attention to complete their daily duties. With assisted living, your parents will get help with taking … Continued

Selling Your Home To An Investor: The Pros And Cons

  When people need to vacate their homes immediately, they look for an investor to sell their properties. If this sounds like you, these are our suggestions to help guide you. Consider these pros and cons if you’re considering selling to an investor. The home can be sold “as-is.” If you live in Texas and … Continued

7 Ways to Handle Troublesome Tenants

7 Ways to Handle Troublesome Tenants Bad tenants: they’re a nuisance for property managers. Just about every type of business deals with their own version of a problematic customer, and property management is no different. There are ways to deal with them effectively, though. Every property manager has had to deal with a bad tenant … Continued

How to Sell an Inherited House with Multiple Heirs

Solutions for Title Disputes Has a loved one recently passed away? Did you learn afterward that the home they lived in was passed down to more than one heir? Usually, you get a lot more than just the property when you inherit a home – you get all the complications that come with it. We’ve … Continued